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At Secon Constructions, we specialise in orchestrating unique renovations and extensions, using only the highest-quality materials. After over a decade constructing remarkable renovations, we’ve learnt how to carefully craft new homes while preserving the more robust materials and design elements of any existing structures in the home. We understand just how important it is to preserve the distinct character of your existing home while, at the same time, creating a fresh and revolutionary new look.

We’ll work with you to create your dream home

Whether you’re building upward or outward, or you’d just like to refresh your home’s interior or exterior, we’ll help you elevate your home to create a more cohesive and elegant design, inside and out. When it comes to renovations, we have meticulous attention to detail. We understand that our clients want to create a brand-new identity for their homes, which means that no minute detail should go overlooked.


We’ll maximise your spaces

Some of our clients decide to renovate or extend their home to create a large or more luxurious living space. Others are seeking to simply modify the existing interior design of the home, adding clever design updates in order to make better use of existing space and maximise storage.

 Often our clients are surprised to find that simple structural or cosmetic changes can achieve these goals in a cost-effective manner while still applying impeccable design principles to create a magnificent final result.


We’ll restore your heritage home with care

Our specialist team has a wealth of expert knowledge and experience when it comes to working with delicate Edwardian-style heritage homes.

We can help you refresh and revitalise the heritage aspects of your home. We source and create the precise materials needed from scratch to match your home exactly, paying careful attention to the specific era in which the home was built.

Or, if needed, we can fuse classic heritage design elements with more modern touches, tying juxtaposing design aspects together in a natural way without detracting from the original character of the home.

Fundamentally, our team is passionate about maintaining the integrity and charm of heritage homes.

We adhere carefully to heritage building restrictions and council regulations, in order to decide on the safest approach to creating a remarkable property you’ll be glad to call home. Discover some of our successful renovations here.

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